& Art Director.

Vancouver, BC.

6+ years. .svg

TRU, Art Institute of Vancouver.

University. Bored. Doesn’t fit. Up North. Roughneck. Save. Back to school? Not yet. New plan. Passport 1. Re-Entry visa. Asia. Taiwan. Where? Humid. Travel. Teach. Learn. Snake blood. Southeast Asia. First tattoo. Bamboo. Eyes open. Canada. Working holiday visa. Back to Asia. Japan. Training. Move. Adjust. Travel. Canada. Reverse culture shock. Work permit. Back to Asia. Taiwan. Double Stay. Passport 2. Manchu. Plan. Save. Travel more. Learn more. Get inspired. Confirm. China. Back to Canada. Middle East. Ramadan. Inspired. West Bank. Passport 3. Vancouver. Dtes. Back to school. Not bored. Learn more. Graduate. BC Lions. Grey Cup Ring. Really? Burst Creative Group. First award. New Opportunity. EA Sports. Fifa. Contract ends. Invoke Media. Merger. Contractor. Drive Digital. Switch United. Now.

The long
& short of it.

I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of, and leading, several design teams ranging in both size and experience across a variety of disciplines: print, packaging, product design, web, apps & mobile, video & VFX.

With a strong focus on digital, I strive to find story and creative solutions in my work. I work closely and collaboratively with both internal and external Creative Directors, UX designers, developers, producers and clients, to create and elevate problem solving solutions.

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