Frontier is an action-packed adventure drama starring Jason Momoa. It follows the chaotic and violent struggle to control wealth and power in the North American fur trade in the 1700s. The series is co-produced by Discovery Channel and Netflix.

Dark Providence is an online experience offering deeper, in-depth character features. The experience centres on six distinct, video-based character stories with interactive, real-time overlays controlled by the user for a truly immersive interaction. Characters deliver monologues about their respective paths and future journeys; stories of destiny, ambition, and salvation.

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Scene Editing

During the on-set filming for the character videos, photos of backgrounds, settings and assets were taken to later be used in the digital experience. The images needed extensive colour correction, editing and rebuilding to capture the high contrast, dynamic, gritty aesthetic. Characters were removed from their scenes in order to then mask and isolate individual layers for the parallax interactivity.

Interactive Videos

Each unique video layer adds depth to the characters that can be experienced within the already rich story in the television program. As you dive deeper into each character and their videos, you are given control over each experience. The character videos can be watched as is, or for a heightened experience, users can toggle the D & H Declan Harp keys both individually or together to discover unique VFX layers.

Character Interactivity

Dark Providence is a responsive digital experience. Each character scene is built on several different layers. This allows for a mouse and gyroscope based parallax on each scene, adding a layer of depth to the experience on both desktop and mobile. For an engaging mobile experience an additional version of all character videos was created with certain layers automatically activated for the user.

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