Moosemeat & Marmalade brings together Bush Cook: Art Napoleon, and classically trained British Chef: Dan Hayes to explore cultures and traditions through the way we access, cook and present our food.

The Backstory of Art & Dan is an interactive, story driven journey through their lives from childhood to present day. They come from two very different walks of life and don’t always see eye to eye. It’s what makes their relationship special.

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As the timeline progresses ScrollMagic was used to enhance the experience allowing the page to zoom in/out, scroll vertically and horizontally, fade in/out, animate based on scroll position and pin an element at a specific scroll position. Using these interactions at chosen points throughout the journey helps provide an engaging experience to the user.

Active Avatars

In order to identify which person they were reading about, custom character avatars were created. In the introduction of Chapter one, the avatars animate in large to the centre of the screen before shrinking down and moving off canvas. As you navigate through the story, the avatars spin/flip between Art & Dan.

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Art Director
Designer & UX


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Steve Mackey |Development